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$WARI Token & Rewards

What is $WARI

Cardano native token, currency of Phoenix Arena ecosystem and game.
Token Supply?

370 Million.

Utility may expand as game design progresses, but currently includes:
a) Pay arena entry fees
b) Purchase discounted PFP NFT
c) Use tokens to purchase mystery boxes that drop gameplay NFTs
d) Governance
Diver holding Scythe
How to earn rewards?

The NFT rewards accumulate directly to your NFTs rather than to accounts holding the NFTs.
Thus you do not need to do anything for your NFTs to accrue the rewards.
Passive NFT rewards

PFP NFTs acquired from character sales earn WARI tokens passively. Rewards will be split among all staked PFPs:
a) Santa Diver,
b) Max,
c) Diver,
d) Fluffy,
e) and others as they are released.

Diver holding Scythe
WARI has a total supply of 370M distributed over a 5 year period and prtitioned into five initial pools:
Diver holding Scythe
The tokenomics are subject to change
until the token minting policy closes on
July 1st, 2022, 00:00:00 GMT.
Diver holding Scythe
Distribution red aura Max

Gameplay leaderboard rewards

The arena will have a reputation points system and a corresponding leaderboard with ranked tiers. As players win matches, they gain points; if they lose matches, they lose points. There will be a notion of the number of points received and lost from games depending on the difference between the points of the players. Players will periodically receive rewards in the form of the Wari token based on player leaderboard positions.

As a part of the Phoenix Arena economy, players will need to pay an entry fee with the Wari token (or ADA if desired) for each game. The values of these will be dynamically adjusted as the ebbs and flows of the Phoenix Arena economy are better understood. As players climb the tiers and the stakes get higher, the fees for battles will rise, but so will the rewards.