The idea is that initial character NFT sales serve two functions:

The classical utility of owning an immutable PFP NFT

Providing a set of individual composable NFTs that can be used as in-game items.

Before a usable version of the game is released, all NFT drops fall into the category of PFP NFT drops. Each PFP NFT has a set of items that define the character as a whole.

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The PFP is unique and is limited to the drop.

There will never be more. It will be delivered upon purchase from the drop.

But, in addition to the PFP, once a usable version of the game is released, owners of the PFP NFTs will have the option of redeeming the items in their PFP NFTs as individual NFTs.

As with RPGs in general, these items and any other items you own can then be used with a character identity (this will also be in the form of an NFT) to compose your character with the caveat that each NFT can be equipped by 1 character identity at a time.

For example, the following character, that may occur as an NFT in the Diver character PFP drop, consists of the following individual items:

Individual Items Viking Diver
  • Viking helmet (head)

  • Viking sword (left arm)

  • Shield (right arm)

  • Fur jacket (outfit)

  • Wiper window

  • Default legs

  • Default ring

  • Default barrel