Individual Items Viking Diver

Game item NFTs will have the following metadata properties:

  • Character

  • Name of item

  • Rarity

  • Condition

  • Type

  • Set

  • Available statistic categories

The item statistics themselves will be primarily dependent upon “Rarity” and the item in question, but will also have an element of luck influenced by “Condition” such that each item of the same kind may have different statistics within some range.

The current plan is to not have the specific item statistics in the NFTs themselves but to rather have the statistics available in the game and in a web interface. The idea is that nearly all games require some form of rebalancing of game statistics for one reason or another, at least initially.

item Shield

As a classical RPG concept, owning partial or full sets will provide the characters with additional perks in terms of higher stats or potentially some form of novel properties that influence the gameplay mechanics e.g. slowing down the opponent team. Both the PFP NFTs and in-game NFTs have additional utility in terms of obtaining the project's native Wari token.

Blue mystery box

While the character NFT drops serve as the starting point for obtaining in-game items and will be the only mechanism for obtaining certain exclusive top rarity items, players will also be able to purchase “mystery boxes” with their Wari tokens.

Item rarities (with examples) from most rare to most common:


Rarity Legendary image


Rarity Epic image


Rarity Rare image


Rarity Uncommon image


Rarity Common image