In the heart of the Cao Wari empire lies a small planet called Ace. This tiny planet is home to creatures called Aces.

Max with Spikes

Aces are not particularly bright creatures. The lack of intelligence is substituted with their extreme cuteness, kind nature, and most importantly their superpowers. Since the early days of the Cao Wari empire, Aces have been used as pets and as weapons. In the wrong hands, Aces can be extremely dangerous. The superpower that they possess is unique in that based on their mood they can either deal high damage or low damage to their opponents. With constant mood swings, it is impossible to determine how Ace will perform.

Max holding Axe

Max was born on earth into a high-ranked Kemeri general's family. Max was trained as a family pet. When Max was very young survivors attacked the Kemeris stronghold and the old Kemeri general and his family were slain. Max was spared and with no home to return to was destined to wander around earth similar to a stray dog hoping to be rescued and loved once again.